Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2012 Adventures with Bran

I spent this past weekend reviewing and tweaking and Sewing! I actually found time to sew something for me. This year is about living life the way I imagine it, whether it be scrapping, cleaning, blogging, sewing, running my business, bogged down with school, this year it is time to re-haul the way I look at life and take charge. The great thing about this is I get to share it with you and maybe just maybe you will be inspired too. So with out further ado here are the Many Adventures I have planned for this January.

Make 2 skirts for me (1 Made)
Make 2 tops for me
Finish projects for the baby
Finish projects for the boy
Finish projects for hubby
Make kitchen and dining pretties-make extra to sell
write reviews and share tutorials

Yarn Crafts:
Finish crocheting afghan for babies room
Work on grannie squares for the sofa cover
make dishcloths and face clothes/scrubbies-make extra to sell
make baby cute raglan shirt
create tutorials

DIY: Focus De-clutter and Hide
Work on the sewing room de-clutter and hide materials
De-clutter the utility room

The Shop:
Work on new line of Doll clothing for girls 11" and 9.5" dolls
re-work the vintage button angle
make things for the shop

Keep up with my "Life Imagined" Hybrid scrapbook
share pages and keep motivated

Baking and Cooking:
Try 3 new recipes and share them

Most of all have fun, get the school work done and enjoy life.

Stay tuned tomorrow: I will have my review on the Saddle Skirt pattern from the book Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders from Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.


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