Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Adjusted A-line Skirt and I think my choice for a new Blog Look

Did I ever mention that I am a Libra and while I have learned to make choices and stick to them, I can never seem to decide how I want my blog to look. Unique like me and possessing qualities that resemble me. Hopefully the picture says it all up top. I have many adventures in many things and the books I chose reflect just the top layer of all of my endeavors.
Meanwhile in sewing news... I adjusted the A-line skirt by taking in an inch at each seam. I think I now know which direction to head on the next skirt. Be sure to stay tuned for trouble shooters for this pattern, for my next final version I have chosen a blue cord, now to decide on the lining.....

Well, that is all for now, tomorrow I will be away from my computer visiting with my mom, we are off to Joann's and I need two zippers.



  1. Very nice! Skirt and blog look! I've been trying to read all the spines on the books and think I only have the Colette handbook in common with you, and am very intrigued by the button book you're reading! Oooh! Buttons!

  2. I adore buttons, I currently own over 150,000 of them hence why many are up for sale in my shop, I landed a purchase from a local Texan who purchased them from a sewing shop that closed in the early sixties. I have found buttons in that collections from as early as 1812. The Book is The Collector's Encyclopedia of Buttons by Sally C. Luscomb. A very nice and informative read, I purchased it from Amazon as they had the best price. :)


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