Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Colette Patterns

I purchased and received my Colette Patterns for Violet and Ginger. I had the greatest hopes of doing the Ginger Sew A long and I am in my own way in my own time. I have to purchase 1 more zipper, trace the pattern, make bust adjustments if need be, place on and cut fabric. All of the material from this current endeavor are from the thrift store and I found some wonderful buttons on etsy.


I want to use view A for this fabric
I want to use View B for this Fabric
I want to make one of each shirt cuff length with this if I can

Buttons for one shirt
I also have the lining from another sheet, the shirt fabric is a cream color and has a eyelet lace trim that I will salvage and use for another project.

My friend at House of Pinheiro had an interesting little blog about reading your lips, it is a cute interesting tidbit. so check it out.
here is my lip print
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1977's Simplicity pattern 8494 Reaches 2011

I received my pattern in the mail for this darling layette. The price was right and it was uncut perfect for tracing and making modifications. This pattern comes in 2 sizes Newborn and 6 months. I bought the Newborn size so I can adjust up to 6 months seeing as the little boy is almost 11 weeks. I chose view 3 which is for the Sun Suit a darling onesie alternative with a blooming bottom and contrast seam. This is an easy make from start to finish. However, increase the elastic size for the legs. Adjusting the size will be easy as baby gets bigger.

I used a thrift-ed mans shirt and fabric scraps
cute 11 week old my little boy

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Day mini Freebie Add on and Full Kit hits my Etsy Store

New Day full digital kit hits my Etsy store today it is $4.95 for the kit. I do have a freebie it is a mini add on for the kit. Also, If you were one of the great few who visited me here at my new blog and left a message or began following me over here on my new blog, you will receive the full kit for free the add on is included in that download.

So: Rebecca from Rebecca's Scraps, Rebecca from Tales of a Wanna be Seamstress, The Little Taylor, Sew Country Chick, klkdak0202, House of Pinheiro, Hanna, isis.33, and Diane Kinman email me at and I will send you your link!!

Here is the New kit for the Store:

Here is your Freebie:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Taking it Easy

I will be busy working on projects in the background, but I really am not feeling very well. Great news though is the little boy finally is. I have some things in the works for this week, but I am not giving myself a time limit to do them. The next few weeks will be sewing like crazy to get ready for our Vacation and I personally need to make my made me June Dress. I might be back on later, until then Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sewing Saturday 05.21.2011 Edition

Today the poor little boy and I are still trying to feel better, poor stomachs. We went on a visit to see my mother-in-law and the little boy was able to meet his daddy's Grammy today. The visit took a big chunk out of the day, but I did manage to prep and cut out a romper for the little boy and working on something for the big boy to coordinate. I have for you the pictures of me wearing the dress, in which I have definitely decided it needs straps....ones that have hidden buttons so that I can nurse without both sides plopping down. I am also saving up for a Tripod to help with the self picture taking.
Turned out cute and I was complimented on it a few times today.

wearing a bikini was a good thing today this really needs straps especially when a mom is nursing

Did I mention that I adore this trim....sigh
That is all tonight See you tomorrow!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabric Fridays 05.20.2011 Edition

Here we are at Friday and it has been a busy and productive week. However today both the baby and I are rather unwell so there have been many breaks for rest on my part. I have for this Friday a shirt dress that I made today. It was really pretty simple and took all day to do in between everything. Total time however was more like an hour and a half. I will feature this in a future Tuesday Tutorial as I also documented as I went along. Designing as I went. The Idea behind Fabric Fridays are to use a fabric from your stash and use it. I also like the added bonus of re-purposing something if I can. The challenge is to use only what is available. In this case I used two buttons, the pillowcase, and the fabric from the picture. I am still finishing up one other extra piece, but I have one made for you to see. My goal will be to post about it on Sunday, and give you a chance all week to create something, just a fun challenge, and post it on your blog and send me the link. Those who participate and let me know where to find a picture will have a spot in the Tutorial show offs.
Now that I have made you fall is what I made, tomorrow I will be wearing it and maybe my son can get a snap of me wearing it with all of the components on it.
I am still working on these they will be done in a few. I will link them to the DIY site that I made them from.

I shirred the top which is why it is wet and in the process of drying

I love the bottom of this now dress.
This dress required no pattern
The pillow case cost .99 cents
The buttons are maybe .01 cents combined
The fabric is a fat quarter that was $1.50
Total cost to make $2.50 in supplies 0.00 for imagination


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays 05.19.2011 Edition

Today's endeavor was the shirt dress, that is about 15 inches shy of that. Upon working my pins and stitching in between the baby's feedings,  and the big boys big project; I sewed the shirt a bit too tightly and it would not fit closed over my bum. This is ok as I have bigger plans for this now shirt jacket that does not close, is meant to be open and will go with a cute A line skirt I will be making here soon. I will make a cute tank to go under the jacket and I need to make a few modifications to it add short sleeves at each arm hole. Yes, this will work!! In the meantime this is where I am on that project.
The back is still a bit loose, but I will will make the modifications when I add my little sleeves

I think I did pretty well making the lines blend in to V's : note to self: stripes require more attention to detail

Overall I really like it as a little jacket, I think I will make a cute hair piece out of the leftover fabric and maybe something for the little boy
That is the one thing I have learned through the years, sometimes a big boo boo will happen or an idea will not quite fit together, being versatile and adaptable allows for great outcomes. It is not worth getting mad over in the long run.

So exciting I landed 150+patterns today....I can not wait for them to be mailed to me...neither box has been sorted and so it is a surprise of pattern's from the 40's to 80's. What I do not use I will put up in my Etsy store, when I get there. :) Also found a bunch of neat thrifty finds that I will review and research for next weeks Thrifty Thursday edition. Have a wonderful night everyone!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday 05.17.2011 Edition

It is Tuesday here at the fantastic world of Bran's house. The boys are asleep and I am taking a few minutes to put together today's tutorial. I know Teacher appreciation is over with for many schools. I however never seem to get the timing down and have just opted to give the teacher a gift the last week of school. My big boy is in 2nd grade this year and he is just starting to settle into things he likes to learn and things he would like to avoid all together. However, he thinks his teacher rocks and well, that is a great thing. and we are off!

Teacher Appreciation Magnets:

12 stickers like those ones right over there
12 water bottle caps (streamlined like the ones on Zepherhills water bottles)
12 circular magnets (JoAnns, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Office Depot) 
Tacky glue or a hot glue gun
Spray paint any colors and a glossy one
hmmm yep one child if you choose (not required)

*open image in another window and save. (PERSONAL USE ONLY)

Start by gluing the magnets into the base of the lid. The hole is perfect for most standard circular magnets.I chose to glue mine in the beginning as when I did the test between before and after spray painting, gluing the magnets in first was the better option.

you can use tacky glue or hot glue
*note* if using tacky glue set aside to dry first
see how the magnets fit inside those holes on the underside of the cap?
While the glue is drying if you used tacky glue or after you have finished hot gluing prepare the labels.
I print my labels on a full sheet of label paper available from Avery or 3M. I modge podged them with the matte kind.
modge podge 
cut them out you could use a 1 inch circle punch if you have one
I then cut out the labels I want, there are blank ones for the kiddos to color if you want. I did this while my big kid was at school. Than I took the project outside and placed my caps magnet side down on a recyclable drop cloth and spray painted them.
my spray paints

I decided to do three colors
Let the magnets dry completely and than peel off the labels and stick them to the top side of magnets. Then put magnets back on the drop cloth and spray paint with the glossy clear coat. Let dry and prepare them to gift however you choose. I choose to purchase a mini chalkboard and put the magnets on it for the teacher.
Teacher Appreciation Magnets
I hope you enjoyed this simple little tutorial. Have a great Tuesday See you on Thursday!



head on over to grosgrain for some great info on how you can win this awesome machine. I have been oogling over this one since I started saving glass jars for a project. sigh....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musing's 05.16.2011

 In today's edition of Monday musing I will share my version Butterick pattern 4790. A simple dress, however not for the faint of heart, not for a first dress, stick with the A-line skirt and some tops than gradually incorporate bottoms with tops. Not saying it can't be done, it can.

So without further ado the pictures of this wonderful creation in the making.

The Butterick Pattern
My Fabric 1 yard of red broadcloth, 5 yards dark navy broadcloth, the designer cotton fabric 2 yards

The patterns on fabric and ready to cut
I chose the contrasting pattern this is the front
this is with the back it was heavy so lots of pins
I know these are supposedly quilters pins but I love them
with the bias tape
waiting to be hemmed and buttons sewn
lil' ol' me

my son took these last few with the dress on
Alright guys see you tomorrow, my little prince wants his bedtime feeding...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Starting on Sunday 05.15.2011 Edition

Alright, I have figured out a routine for my blogging and adventures.

will offer an insight to the topics and adventures that I will be exploring that week, the only day I wont be blogging is Wednesday. The line up begins of course with Monday.

Remember project #3 the walk away dress? Yep Pictures and a run down of how it unfolded.

Teacher Appreciation Magnets. A DIY tutorial on how to create your own thank you for your child or children's teacher. 

I will share my thrifty finds and the thrifty alteration of the week. This weeks alteration will be from a man's shirt.

This Friday I will make a dress from a pillowcase, a piece of fabric from my stash and 2 buttons.

This Saturday I am working on clothes for the boys to wear on our trip and well, for the little boy who is outgrowing everything.

Here is the preview of this weeks lineup