Saturday, April 30, 2011

Inspiration: How About Orange and One Pearl Button, plus a sewing project...

To kick start the inspiration I will share three projects that I am beginning to work on, one is rather top secret so do not tell my mom or we will blow up the surprise :).

I happened to be browsing around blogs and this blog caught my attention for obvious reasons to me How About Orange (I Love the Color Orange). Well I took a look around her site and wow I found this neat project to try. She has these darling little Panetone Magnets she created and offers a tutorial.
Too Cute Right?!
So I tag this little neat project and a couple of days later I come upon Ambrosia Girl who offers a different take on this neat little DIY.
Totally Awesome!
Ok So This is a project on my to do list. I have all of the supplies and I am working on them now.
Here are the tutorials for each How About Orange and Ambrosia Girl.

I Love to sew my own stuff great feeling and I love free Patterns. Right now at Grosgrain they are having an awesome to do. A month of one free pattern a day. Must Check it out.
visit here
Well one of their featured is low and behold One Pearl Button. Well, one thing led to another and I found this cute DIY for Magnetic Paper Dolls.
 Just Too Darn Cute!!
So I have all of the supplies and now I need to do it. Here is her DIY One Pearl Button.

Many of you who know me through my other adventures know my hubby is currently deployed out of state where we cannot follow. So he is missing out on the first new baby in his life goodiness, which happens to break my heart most days, but we keep on going. Well in June I am going on a road trip with my mom, oldest and youngest boys. So logical deduction is two weeks somewhere new and lots of things to do and see, I need new clothes. Which is something in itself. I love dresses, I don't wear many of them, why? I am not even 5 feet tall and I have a waist to hip ratio somewhere less that 5" oh and I am busty (Nursing only makes it more hindering). So I choose to search out some patterns that are retro that I saw from the 40's and 50's today I scored 6 of them at Joann's for $1.99 a piece. 
Yes the walk away dress! I have been in love with it for years and now I have it!
Available at Various place online including
I have all of the supplies for this beauty as well. 
Needless to say I will be busy getting these projects done, hiding one of them, and showing pictures of what I have done. Have a Great Day!

The Beginning of My Adventures

After the birth of my 2nd little boy this past March I was hungry for more. More of everything and anything that would keep me going in the down time of chasing my 7 year old around and adoring my now 7 week old. It all started with not liking any of the boy clothes in the store, than one thing led to another and another and after viewing a bazillion blogs I felt that not only were they inspiring but I could inspire too. I am after all a creative person and maybe someone out there is looking for a neat craft to keep them busy. So without further ado I am creating a blog that will encompass my freebie desires of all crafts. I will share with you my finds and links to them, I will also share with you what I created or made enhancements on. I will still create scrapbook kit freebies on my other blog as I love to get free stuff and maybe one day I will sell that stuff too. I would like to make money to support my crafty habits and this will be the opportunity to begin that adventure. As we all know, it takes a bit to get these things going and established. I look forward to sharing my Adventures with you.