Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So What are Your New Years Resolutions?

My New Years Resolutions
It seems to be that time of year in which we look back over our year and reflect on the things we set out to accomplish at the beginning of the year and what we actually accomplished by the end of the year. Looking back Month by Month:

January: In January I just wanted to make it through packing and preparing for the move to our new home. I wanted to have a safe birth and missed my hubby fiercely.

February: I fell down after tripping on uneven sidewalk bringing my son to school. The baby was fine but I went into false labor 4 times after that. The house is ready for the baby, because I am too determined not too.

March: Gave Birth to our beautiful healthy baby boy. My hubby was able to come home and spend time with us on paternity leave.

April: Started preparing for our Summer Vacation to Washington D.C. and Connecticut. I also started scheming up a new idea for a blog and began losing time to scrap memories. Graduated with my Bachelors Degree.

May: Successfully saved up for the summer trip and spent the last bit making sure my big boy stayed focused in school.

June: Started my New Blog The Many Adventures of Bran. Went on Vacation and had a blast. Purchased over 90,000 vintage buttons to sell.

July: Life became busy over the summer with both boys home.

August: My Big Boy turned 8 and school started again for both my big boy and I.

September: I turned 30 and life just flies by from here on out, a big huge blur really.

October: Handmade both boys costumes.

November: Enjoyed my Hubby's return and had a wonderful Turkey Day.

December: Had a Beautiful Christmas and became calm for the first time since June.

With 2011 over it was a good year, but an extremely overwhelming. Just chalking it up to being a military wife and a first time learning experience at juggling 2 kids alone. I am proud of where we have come and I plan to do better this year with all aspects of my life. I am challenging myself to sew at least 1 thing a month for myself, being active in all things I take on. Now that We have finally got back into a routine everything is in balance until hubby leaves again, giving me a chance to fine tune my resolutions for next year. What ever you chose to do for your resolutions I hope that this New Year will be bright for all of you. I love that you have stayed with me here so far and I promise to make it even more interesting next year. Now to create my blogging plan and ideas for next year.



  1. What an amazing year you've had! :) My plans for next year include trying to declutter my house and my life, become healthier, and open an etsy store.

  2. It has been an amazing year, I look forward to what the New Year will bring. Hopefully It will go smoothly as life will allow and I look forward to seeing your Etsy store! xoxo Bran


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