Sunday, November 6, 2011

Whew made it out of October alive!!!!

So where did October go? Oh right sewing for others and creating the brand and doing the photography for my mom's etsy store. Also trying to bounce back from a serious cold that took over the household. In great news my hubby comes home on the 22nd I can't wait to see him, hold him, have him home enjoying our boys and preparing for the holiday season. This means more will get done and that is great for the blog :). My little boy has 2 teeth officially and a few more on the way and I received my copy of Sarai's new sewing book and I cannot wait to make new things from it! In the meantime here is a little catch-up from last month.
My Super Hero's The big boy wanted to dress up like super hero's for Halloween

Scout trooper soft armor for my little brother once we really get this baby fine tuned he can join the 501st

no gooey guts for the baby, he was mortified

yep pumpkins. carving, and baked pumpkin seeds yummo!
The Branding I did for my mom's products and the photography

To boast-my mom formulated this oil just for my poor psoriasis the stuff that has become arthritic Love it it works so well!

This is a tiny miracle in a bottle it just works and always has!

Divine! Yep a Tea bath that is so relaxing and wonderful!!
So that is where my October went, helping my family out and leaving me very tired at the end of my days. Well worth the time put in. If you would like to check my mom's shop out just go here

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