Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I have a new sewing machine!

Which means if I ever get enough time in my now very hectic schedule I will be able to sew for my fall challenge. I was very sad to come home and discover my cats made it into my sewing room/bedroom and wreak havoc. They got into everything and destroyed so many things. So this meant rewashing everything, cleaning the room from top to bottom, throwing away three of my fabrics from my challenge because they were ruined, and heartbroken over my sewing machine which they knocked down and you can imagine from there. On top of this very disgruntled moment, I was struggling to get my grade for my first class towards my master's degree. Lets just say not the best October by far. However, I took some time out to make up a camping trip for my oldest boy, as were very disappointed on how the den leader let us down. So this past weekend was very busy and next weekend will be too. Try as I may to sew for me, something else takes up that spot. I am almost done with the boys costumes and I am in the process of creating the soft armor for my brother's scout trooper costume. It has to be realistic for the volunteer work he will do to get scholarships for college. (No Pressure). Hubby will be home around the 19th of next month and that is when I have decided I might be able to sew for me. I have things for the shop that I need to finish and well that is life in the Layton household this month. Here are some pictures from our camping trip enjoy!
My little one is 7 months old now and has a tooth, it popped out during the trip!

my 8 year old big boy


Grill fire, no campfires allowed

Beautiful Transition


My parents 10 man tent!

The Fishing pier by port Canaveral we watched and heard the Disney cruise ship leave!
That is it for today folks sorry it has been dull around here, which usually means it is not dull at home. :)

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