Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Decorating Phase 1

This year is the first year we have a yard to decorate!!!!! (Not excited really) My big boy is at his dads this weekend and I have gone all out on phase 1 decorating to surprise him when he comes home. Phase 2 is a series of DIY that will happen throughout the next few weeks. So here are some peeks at our yard so far. All my strands of lights were sabotaged by apartment hoodlums last year so I had to go out and buy more.
I purchased two sets for a total of $5.00 at Target

This handsome knocker was $1.00 at Dollar Tree

This sweet sign was 40% off at Hobby Lobby so I paid $3.50

I bought 2 bags for a total of $2.00 at Dollar Tree

Foam sign $1.00 at Dollar Tree

5 of the Tombstones for a total of $5.00 at Dollar Tree

Skeleton with the two headstones and fences web and moss $18.00 at Target

10 Strands of lights for $3.00 a strand at Target total of $30.00

Mr. Helper he was a big boy and loved watching!

I was able to get out and take some night pictures I had fun in photoshop

At Hobby Lobby on sale for $1.50

I will get a better night time picture

Mr. Bones

Jazz Hands!

He is a groovy knocker for a buck!
My lights with out the flash
I also have been working on the tile DIY. That is turning out pretty swell, I spent most of my day in the yard because the weather was gorgeous. Tomorrow I will start early so I can Finish this DIY for a Tutorial Monday. Have a Great Weekend.


  1. Yeah... So exciting to see haloween inspirations....

  2. The great thing is, I have inspired the rest of the neighborhood to join, My dad helped me and he did my parents house, now it looks like there are 3 other houses done and 3 in progress!!!


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