Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY Tile Bookshelf with mirrors

Hey everyone! Just finished editing the pictures for the DIY and I am in love with my newly re-vamped family bookshelf/game-shelf. I have never tiled a mosaic kind of thing and at 24 tiled a kitchen floor. I love tiles and thought hmmm lets go to the tile store and see what there is to see. A lot of pretty fantastic and expensive tile...I did not let this hinder me in the slightest and started looking for more affordable pretty options and I found an amazing green glass tile on sale for $1.00 per sq foot. and A copper glass tile not on sale for $5.00 per square foot. I just adored the combo of the colors and so $18.00 dollars later I was off to purchase the rest of my supplies and bring it home and think about what to make. This was quite easy as I had a bookshelf that was handed down to me from my parents, I painted it white and pasted a geometrical paper to the inside for my sewing room, but it just did not work for me so I brought it out to the living room to hold our board games it was perfect but hideous in my earthy space. I knew I had spray paint from the teacher appreciation magnets that fit the family rooms colors. I thought hey why not finally use those mirrors I bought at Ikea two years ago (ahem... I watched the movie mirrors and that kind of did me in for a while). So now I present to you a pretty easy DIY of how I created my lovely new bookshelf/game-shelf.
The finished product!
What you will need:
  1. Bookshelf (Hand me down)
  2. Paint or spray paint (from my supply)
  3. tiles $18.00
  4. grout found at craft store for $6.00
  5. tile glue found at Craft store $5.00
  6. nails (invest in better ones mine were a dollar and were horrible)
  7. hammer (From my toolbox)
  8. tape (from my toolbox)
  9. large paper (From my sons room)
  10. ruler (from my desk)
  11. pencil (from my desk)
  12. mirrors or whatever you would like (from my future project box)
  13. Gorilla Glue (Not pictured above)
 At first I could not get the shelves out so I spray painted the insides of the bookshelf an orange color first and let it dry for about an hour or until the paint was no longer tacky.
 Somewhere along the line the shelves popped out and I spray painted them green.

I then set about to attach my mirrors to the bookshelf, here I repeat spring for better nails, but you can use gorilla glue instead like I did and the mirrors are still in place. :) 
 Do not forget to spray the part of the shelf that faces out.
 I tried to space the mirrors as evenly as possible (oh yeah this is where the shelves popped out) So I spray painted the exposed lines orange too.
 I cut out squares large enough to cover the mirrors so they would not get messed up along the way.

After I waited for the paint to dry again, I laid down paper on the orange part and went to down spray painting everything in my green paint.
 Then I set up the bookshelf and let it dry. I did not paint the mirror parts on the side only on the parts that would show including the space between the mirrors.
 While I waited for the bookshelf to dry I played with my tiles and found a design I liked for the mirrors and the top of the bookshelf. It is really important to do this before gluing the tiles down as once the process begins and dries that is it.
Practicing on the top after the paint dried. Than I ran out of daylight and took a break until the next morning. I ended up enjoying the cool evening with my parents having burgers in their back yard.
Sunday Morning I started early gluing all of my tile into place. I had to work in increments letting the each side dry so they would not slide out of place. Note: work on a flat horizontal surface when doing this other wise your tiles will slide down.
See there they are all pretty and glued. Then I had to finish my paper so that is all I could do on Sunday.
This morning and through out the day I grouted the tile. It was really simple once I got the hang of it. Tip: Use a spatula like the ones for icing cake with the rubber end. You can find them at the dollar store, but if you wash it off in between grouting sessions it will stay clean. 
Very important make sure to wipe down the top of the tile. If it looks foggy, I found that this is fine as it will wipe down like dust, but do not leave a thick coat or it wont come off. 
 I let it dry for a few hours and brought it in. It looks so fantastic and really works in the space.
And I did not have to spend $200 or more to get the look either. Truly a fun DIY! There are some areas I need to touch up but for the most part it is finished and in the space being useful.
But wait there is more, I have more green tile, a little bit of grout and some cork....stay tuned for another tile DIY!


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