Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Piles high of Fleece and a Birthday cake

Hello Everyone,
       I have conquered half of my fleece pajamas for the family! Yeah! I will have that Tile DIY for you this weekend and I made a birthday cake last Saturday to celebrate my little brothers 20th birthday. Other than that, I have spent my week with my nose in my textbooks fine tuning and preparing for my final paper and at the doctors playing run around Bran. So, let me distract you with some lovely cakeness.
The cake is inspired by my brothers favorite character bumblebee and the yoga and glucosamine must be working because I actually made it through the cake without my hands going stiff!!!!!! Which brought me back to sewing because my hands were working again! Yeah! Anyone out there who suffers any type of arthritis pain you know what it feels like 1) to not be able to do the things you love to do 2) just do the things that need to be done.
The cake it was a chocoholics dream it was fantastic to eat!


The firestorm

"friend" ahem Kaley and my brother she is a doll and my big boy said "will she be my aunt!" awkward but adorable moment

my big boy he looks so much older this year it is frightening!

My baby Boy and pop pop
Well, I hope you enjoyed the little distraction! Talk with ya soon! Oh Yeah and I will be 30 tomorrow! The sale in my shop ends on Friday! Take Care!



  1. Hi hun, congratulations for tommorow. I hope you have a bash ! And how adorable are our boys...
    I couldnt stare much at the cake because of diet mode...

  2. Thanks! I got a sneak peek of my birthday cake! I can't wait to take pictures my lil bro did great!


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