Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ok...two shots...

So my Friday in which I had allotted time to create a tutorial was sent out of whack by an overly long day visit for my big boy, baby, and me to the doctor. In which, the baby received shots and is teething on top of it. So No time for tutorial work yesterday...sigh...with the greatest intentions of finsihing the tutorial today...sigh...Super mom to the rescue. I have spent the most of my day with a poor little baby boy who is miserable and has a low grade as moms know out there, when the kiddos get stops to give them the extra TLC they need. I am also hoping to get the pumpkin loaves up and running so you can see how they turned out. So for now I will give you a simple word rundown of what you will need for the tutorial.

photo editing program such as photoshop or pick up this free one at
The backside graphics from the envelopes of the patterns you want to use. We are looking for the black and white drawings of the pattern.
a 12X12 image such as digital scrapbook paper...visit my other blog BBDesigns and grab a free kit....there are plenty to choose from :)
Find fabrics that you are using to create your palette and take pictures if you would like.
Hang in there a I finish the tutorial.

:) Bran


  1. Oh sorry to hear you baby's sick. I hope he gets better soon. Mummies first and most important job is to care for the kids!
    Love the 'preparetion'post.

  2. Not a problem I figure at least you guys can get all the tools you will need. :) He slept through most of the night only waking for a feeding. Hopefully he is passed the worse part of the shots. Bran


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