Monday, September 12, 2011

Mud Woggers and Recipes oh My!!

My eight year old boy insist that mud daubers are mud woggers and that they will burrow holes straight through the wall into our house. The poor kid is frightened of any possible winged stinging run out in traffic to get away afraid (ask me how we know this...sigh). So on top of being really down, busy, and just downright not myself. I have been in the midst of re-arranging and cleaning my home to spark of some inspiration. I did however manage to bake and make the last two recipes from the cook-a-long. Which will now be posted when I make the item intended. Just too much with my schedule. The big boy is joining scouts so now we will be busy with that too. Is it November yet? I really need my hubby home, just a little I don't know breather, something. :) Here I have pictures from a couple of weeks ago, some thrift-ed finds and a pair of new shoes. Yep I splurged on myself and bought a pair of new shoes for a change. I also have photos of the Pumpkin loaves and The Carrot Pineapple Salad.
Finding notions and things is like winning the Jackpot around here the whole bunch is $5.00

These are lovely scarves for .59 a piece

Fun flats that allow me to say I wear pink. $2.99

My Splurge on Sale at Target and with an apology coupon $13.99

Cornell dishes to match parts of my set and a Pyrex baking dish $7.99

My boys playing and loving each other

Hi Handsome!

I don't know about that Mom!

Imp...he is really getting moving around down at 6 months

I will never understand why babies love to each wet wipes....

The Pumpkin Loaves turned out delish!

This was rather a unique combo on my palette and I ended up truly enjoying, my dad ate the rest lol.

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