Sunday, September 11, 2011

A moment to remember...

     I take a moment to remember, I take a moment to re-read my journal, I take a moment to watch it every year, I never want to forget, To the lives that were taken 10 years ago, to the men and women who sacrificed fighting and searching, to those who went overseas and made it and came home, to those who are currently enlisted and actively serving, to my Husband and my best friend, thank you.

     I was laying on a therapy table, I had been attacked by an inmate who thought he could get the upper hand and he injured my shoulder while I took out his face. I worked at the hospital in the radiology department. I went to therapy as I was trying to get mobility in my shoulder. I was at the last 5 minutes of my heating rest. When I could not believe my ears, what I was listening to on the radio. I left walked home a mile to my parents, in a daze the world of thoughts humming around me. I arrived just in time to watch a second plane fly into the other tower. My mom was on the phone with a friend who was a few blocks up, the sounds from the phone the sheer terror of the attacks and I new that this was not just an accident. I remember holding my mom sitting on the couch in shock, dumbfounded, helpless. I knew people that would never be found, that were lost to the world forever, their candles burned out too quickly.

     I knew that there were problems, I had after all been there on the top of the second tower at 17 years old with my choir just two years prior. I have a picture that I took that still haunts me. A picture that in the shadows of the two towers across the city below. To have seen the infrastructure and to watch it crumble into rubble. However, a nation rose together that day, humbled, angry, and wanting vengeance. At times I watched a nation of people treat those who were just as persecuted as we, for their choice to be free. However, 10 years later, I watch a nation continue to struggle, the ideals, the hopes, the dreams of many falling and crumbling. The balance always hanging by a thread.

     I had the honor of taking a homeland security class near the end of my bachelors degree. It was based on Terrorism and understanding it, and how to counter-attack it on the home-front. To understand terrorism is to understand the plague, it is an idea that is created and forced on others by any means to cause fear. It is thought that by terrorizing the target is to control the target. We have come a long way in understanding where we failed and how to better our security. I get quite disgusted when someone complains about having to wait an extra 30-45 minutes to go through security measures that are set there to keep them alive. While I remember, and many remember, there are just as many that have forgotten what freedom is and the sacrifice to keep freedom.

     Being a military brat and wife, sacrifice has always been in my life, and it makes me greatful for all of the blessing large and small in my life. So...Take a moment to remember.....

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