Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy 30 to me! Also Happy birthday to all of my fellow September bloggers!

It was a wonderful birthday quite and celebrated with my family. I am stuffed on cake and ice cream, also my dads eggrolls and moms fried rice. Played a game of Monopoly and my brother won! We beat my dad-e-kins, which is a feat in itself. Now the reality of finsihing my homework is here so I must go but I will post something tomorrow. Also: Sale ends tomorrow in my shop! Have a good Thursday tomorrow is the last day of September!


  1. Happy, happy birthday, honey! I hope it was GREAT!!!!

  2. Thank you lovely ladies! It sure was! I can't wait to show you guys pictures of what my big boy made me!!! I will never part with it ever!!!!


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