Saturday, September 17, 2011

DIY Peg Board Spool Holder

In my sewing room/bedroom I have these really cool alcoves that do nothing...In a house made up of cinder blocks that I am renting, I wanted less work and something easy to take with me. I love peg boards and thought why be limited to the hardware department, the garage or tool shed. So I pondered and thought and pondered some more and this is what I came up with.
My Finished Peg Board Spool Holder
It is very easy to do with minimal cost compared to the versions that can be bought at stores like Joann's.
Supply and Tool List
Peg Board I bought a whole 18' by 4' board for about $19.00 Dollars at Lowes White or Brown they can cut it to size for free, I wanted other specific sizes for other future DIY's on my list.
(5) 1/4 in dowels $.75 a piece at Lowes
Can of Spray paint your choice of color about $7.00
hand saw (borrowed)
Sand paper (in my tool box)
Gorilla Wood glue (The Best) $4.00
Measuring tape
drill (in my tool box)
anchor kit (in my tool box)
2 days

A space that you can hang your finished board. Mine happens to be an alcove so it sits at an angle with screws at the top.
My neat but wasted space
I measured my width and height and shortened it on all sides by 1/4" I then took and measured these on my board and sawed off the access with my borrowed handsaw and place it in the space for fitting.
The board fits well and sits at an angle with the width at the base
 I wanted my pegs to stick out further to accomodate the slightly larger spools of thread I have so I put the dowel through the hole and pushed it through measuring and marking my cutting line.

***Tip*** Take a piece of masking tape or tape a piece of paper the length of the pegs and put it on the edge of your cutting space. This will keep your pegs even and is much easier.

After cutting my pegs with my handsaw (and I am sorry I don't have pictures of all of this very dusty and very sweaty) I use my sandpaper to smooth the tops and bottoms of the pegs. I place the pegs into the backside of a scrap pegboard.
Give the pegs room so that the spray paint can hit each of them
Once all of my pegs are in; I spray paint them while moving the board around each side and top to bottom to ensure that I have paint all over. Let it dry for a few hours.

***Optional*** You can spray a clear coat and wait a couple more hours like I did.
Love this blue!!! Matches my room and decor.
When the pegs are dry I made a test pattern on the board to get an idea of my peg layout. I then cut the bottom of a plastic bottle from my recycling bin and poured the wood glue in. I took and dipped the pegs in the holes turning them in like a screw so the paint gets all around. I let this set for the night.
What my board looks like without spools of thread.
 After letting my pegs dry I mark two holes at the top and with my drill and anchor kit through the holes in the peg board. I make a hole and place in a plastic anchor at each mark. I position my board making sure to match my holes. I screw in my screws to keep the board from tipping during use. I am trying to keep my spools together by color families and this first round the 5 dowels produced 90 pegs. I love that I can purchase more dowels and add more pegs to my board as my spool count increases. I will still have my can of paint that I can also use for other DIY projects.
I have more thread but I was running out of time.
So far I have them arranged by white, black, specialty like nylon, elastic, jean, browns and tans, pinks and mauves, blues, yellow, red, orange, green so on.

To buy an A frame from Joann's that holds about 60 spools costs about $50.00.
My Peg Board Spool board costs around $33.75. I had most of the extra supplies, so see what you have around your house, hit up a friend it will be worth your effort and it can grow with your sewing needs. See if a business is selling out extra peg board, you never know what you can turn up by asking.


  1. Love this - so useful! I know what I'll be making next weekend...

  2. That is wonderful Alex! I hope you do a post, I would love to see how it turns out! Bran


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