Friday, September 16, 2011

Bran (knock knock knock) Bran (knock knock knock)

Yes, I am here. I have finally fixed whatever I broke that put me in such a horrible block of creativity. Not that I did not continue on my list that is a mile long of ideas. I just had no gumption to do it. Lets just say my motherboard took a crash and I needed to replace it. Well, I sure do like this new fancy and updated one!

It could have been a number of things that eventually fried my old motherboard ( computer). I think the final kicker was my impending 30th birthday at the end of the month, but it started somewhere with postpartum depression. Along the way I was diagnosed with Psoriac Arthropathy in all of my joints. Which explains the lack of desire to use my hands for crafts or exercise because of sever pain, or eek even attack my 3 foot weeds! Well, whatever it was, it has finally lifted and I have been in fast forward catching up on my crafty, zany, nifty list of things to do.

What can you look forward too? Ahem.....
1)DIY Thread Peg Board-a cinderblock house with a nook in the wall that had no shelves and a box of thread needed to be showcased and organized married to create a new fashionable and easy to expand board. Oh it is saves you money too!
2)Colette Fall color Challenge-I have actually sewn 3 of my patterns, but I need to take pictures of me in them. (Hey Honey!) Since I am the photographer in the house my army hubby is my personal photographer. So...this means trying to teach my 8 year old to not move while he is taking pictures. :)
3)40 yards of various print fabric-ok I may have gotten a lot carried away when Joann's had their fleece on sale for 2.99 a yard! What does this equal too? The Baby, 8 pairs of bottoms and 8 tops. The Big Boy, 8 pairs of bottoms, and some pretty cool tops. My Army Hubby 2 pairs of bottoms and a pair that matches the boys eeeek! Me-4 pairs of bottoms. I dare winter to bring it. Living in an old house with wood floors makes for chilly mornings and evenings even for Florida.
4)I am hustling to finish some products for the shop so that is in the mix.
5)Future DIY 7 Ikea mirrors meet tile for an easy but classy wall piece for our living room.

So hang in there, keep knocking at my door, I will answer eventually. :) Just kidding! Tomorrow expect a new blog post on Item number 1 on my list.


P.S. I did manage to attack a good portion of those 3 foot weeds!


  1. Hi Hun, I know how severe pain gets in the way of life and Im here if you need to talk, ok!
    30 birthday this year too, yeah.. we have so much in common!

    Cannot wait to see the 3 patterns from colette patterns

  2. Thank you so much and I am glad I have those I can turn to. We have many things in common :) Happy 30th birthday year!

  3. Welcome back! I can't wait to see all the new things you post, especially the Fall color challenge items. :]

  4. Thank you Rebecca! I can't wait to share my sewing, I mean it has really continued outside of the fall palette challenge into my winter challenge!


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