Friday, September 30, 2011

Yesterdays birthday fun

Yesterday went swell, I turned 30 and was able to spend time with my family. My big boy is with his father this weekend and when I pick him up on Sunday he will be stoked to see the house decked out in Halloween phase 1. I plan on getting the Tile DIY finished and posted by no later than Monday. School is really taking up more of my time these days. So in the meantime here are pictures from yesterday and a Vintage Find and a puzzle I started tonight I a have a little less than halfway to go.
We get to chose what we want for Birthday dinner mine is always Egg Rolls and Fried Rice

Yep totally bumming it on my birthday with my hair puffing out everywhere, I can not wait for it to grow out!

The big boy painted a snoopy magnet to help the baby give me a present

My big lil bro made an awesome cake, buttons made from Necco wafers!

My boys and me

The big boy drew this and my dad copied it and made it out of wood then stained it...I will never give this up!

My big boy also made me an original one of kind wrapping paper!

I purchased this vintage bed-sheet to make a plushie memory game for little ones, I will have some for the shop when I get there.

This is a Romance Saturday Post themed puzzle I want to hang it in our room so Hubby will be surprised.
That is about it for tonight, the sale is over in the shop, but no worries there will be another one coming up. I also have to take pictures of my Goodwill finds, I came out a lucky winner this time.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy 30 to me! Also Happy birthday to all of my fellow September bloggers!

It was a wonderful birthday quite and celebrated with my family. I am stuffed on cake and ice cream, also my dads eggrolls and moms fried rice. Played a game of Monopoly and my brother won! We beat my dad-e-kins, which is a feat in itself. Now the reality of finsihing my homework is here so I must go but I will post something tomorrow. Also: Sale ends tomorrow in my shop! Have a good Thursday tomorrow is the last day of September!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Piles high of Fleece and a Birthday cake

Hello Everyone,
       I have conquered half of my fleece pajamas for the family! Yeah! I will have that Tile DIY for you this weekend and I made a birthday cake last Saturday to celebrate my little brothers 20th birthday. Other than that, I have spent my week with my nose in my textbooks fine tuning and preparing for my final paper and at the doctors playing run around Bran. So, let me distract you with some lovely cakeness.
The cake is inspired by my brothers favorite character bumblebee and the yoga and glucosamine must be working because I actually made it through the cake without my hands going stiff!!!!!! Which brought me back to sewing because my hands were working again! Yeah! Anyone out there who suffers any type of arthritis pain you know what it feels like 1) to not be able to do the things you love to do 2) just do the things that need to be done.
The cake it was a chocoholics dream it was fantastic to eat!


The firestorm

"friend" ahem Kaley and my brother she is a doll and my big boy said "will she be my aunt!" awkward but adorable moment

my big boy he looks so much older this year it is frightening!

My baby Boy and pop pop
Well, I hope you enjoyed the little distraction! Talk with ya soon! Oh Yeah and I will be 30 tomorrow! The sale in my shop ends on Friday! Take Care!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Shop News: Birthday Sale! Means big sales for My blog readers!

Next week I turn 30 on the 29th! I figure why not have a sale to celebrate. So My lovely readers take 25% off of your order and use that blog reader coupon for a total of 45% off of your orders in my shop until September 30th.

I have a few posts I am working on, just got done making my little brothers 20th birthday cake! I will post this weekend! Been busy sewing and living at the doctors office.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shop News! Happy Birthday big angel brother.

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to my big brother Bobby. He would have been 32 this year. He passed away at 6 from leukemia. He is always in our hearts and always celebrated! I love him immensely!

****SHOP NEWS****
Two new products in the shop! They are beautiful sets of vintage buttons
1940's Navy Military buttons 20 in a set for $9.00

A resin Coral plastic button with a metal pin shank 1900's to 1950's 10 in a set for $5.00
If you look on my side bar you can pick up my blog readers coupon code for 20% off of anything in my store, it will never expire and you can reuse it. :)

That's it today enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

DIY Peg Board Spool Holder

In my sewing room/bedroom I have these really cool alcoves that do nothing...In a house made up of cinder blocks that I am renting, I wanted less work and something easy to take with me. I love peg boards and thought why be limited to the hardware department, the garage or tool shed. So I pondered and thought and pondered some more and this is what I came up with.
My Finished Peg Board Spool Holder
It is very easy to do with minimal cost compared to the versions that can be bought at stores like Joann's.
Supply and Tool List
Peg Board I bought a whole 18' by 4' board for about $19.00 Dollars at Lowes White or Brown they can cut it to size for free, I wanted other specific sizes for other future DIY's on my list.
(5) 1/4 in dowels $.75 a piece at Lowes
Can of Spray paint your choice of color about $7.00
hand saw (borrowed)
Sand paper (in my tool box)
Gorilla Wood glue (The Best) $4.00
Measuring tape
drill (in my tool box)
anchor kit (in my tool box)
2 days

A space that you can hang your finished board. Mine happens to be an alcove so it sits at an angle with screws at the top.
My neat but wasted space
I measured my width and height and shortened it on all sides by 1/4" I then took and measured these on my board and sawed off the access with my borrowed handsaw and place it in the space for fitting.
The board fits well and sits at an angle with the width at the base
 I wanted my pegs to stick out further to accomodate the slightly larger spools of thread I have so I put the dowel through the hole and pushed it through measuring and marking my cutting line.

***Tip*** Take a piece of masking tape or tape a piece of paper the length of the pegs and put it on the edge of your cutting space. This will keep your pegs even and is much easier.

After cutting my pegs with my handsaw (and I am sorry I don't have pictures of all of this very dusty and very sweaty) I use my sandpaper to smooth the tops and bottoms of the pegs. I place the pegs into the backside of a scrap pegboard.
Give the pegs room so that the spray paint can hit each of them
Once all of my pegs are in; I spray paint them while moving the board around each side and top to bottom to ensure that I have paint all over. Let it dry for a few hours.

***Optional*** You can spray a clear coat and wait a couple more hours like I did.
Love this blue!!! Matches my room and decor.
When the pegs are dry I made a test pattern on the board to get an idea of my peg layout. I then cut the bottom of a plastic bottle from my recycling bin and poured the wood glue in. I took and dipped the pegs in the holes turning them in like a screw so the paint gets all around. I let this set for the night.
What my board looks like without spools of thread.
 After letting my pegs dry I mark two holes at the top and with my drill and anchor kit through the holes in the peg board. I make a hole and place in a plastic anchor at each mark. I position my board making sure to match my holes. I screw in my screws to keep the board from tipping during use. I am trying to keep my spools together by color families and this first round the 5 dowels produced 90 pegs. I love that I can purchase more dowels and add more pegs to my board as my spool count increases. I will still have my can of paint that I can also use for other DIY projects.
I have more thread but I was running out of time.
So far I have them arranged by white, black, specialty like nylon, elastic, jean, browns and tans, pinks and mauves, blues, yellow, red, orange, green so on.

To buy an A frame from Joann's that holds about 60 spools costs about $50.00.
My Peg Board Spool board costs around $33.75. I had most of the extra supplies, so see what you have around your house, hit up a friend it will be worth your effort and it can grow with your sewing needs. See if a business is selling out extra peg board, you never know what you can turn up by asking.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bran (knock knock knock) Bran (knock knock knock)

Yes, I am here. I have finally fixed whatever I broke that put me in such a horrible block of creativity. Not that I did not continue on my list that is a mile long of ideas. I just had no gumption to do it. Lets just say my motherboard took a crash and I needed to replace it. Well, I sure do like this new fancy and updated one!

It could have been a number of things that eventually fried my old motherboard ( computer). I think the final kicker was my impending 30th birthday at the end of the month, but it started somewhere with postpartum depression. Along the way I was diagnosed with Psoriac Arthropathy in all of my joints. Which explains the lack of desire to use my hands for crafts or exercise because of sever pain, or eek even attack my 3 foot weeds! Well, whatever it was, it has finally lifted and I have been in fast forward catching up on my crafty, zany, nifty list of things to do.

What can you look forward too? Ahem.....
1)DIY Thread Peg Board-a cinderblock house with a nook in the wall that had no shelves and a box of thread needed to be showcased and organized married to create a new fashionable and easy to expand board. Oh it is saves you money too!
2)Colette Fall color Challenge-I have actually sewn 3 of my patterns, but I need to take pictures of me in them. (Hey Honey!) Since I am the photographer in the house my army hubby is my personal photographer. So...this means trying to teach my 8 year old to not move while he is taking pictures. :)
3)40 yards of various print fabric-ok I may have gotten a lot carried away when Joann's had their fleece on sale for 2.99 a yard! What does this equal too? The Baby, 8 pairs of bottoms and 8 tops. The Big Boy, 8 pairs of bottoms, and some pretty cool tops. My Army Hubby 2 pairs of bottoms and a pair that matches the boys eeeek! Me-4 pairs of bottoms. I dare winter to bring it. Living in an old house with wood floors makes for chilly mornings and evenings even for Florida.
4)I am hustling to finish some products for the shop so that is in the mix.
5)Future DIY 7 Ikea mirrors meet tile for an easy but classy wall piece for our living room.

So hang in there, keep knocking at my door, I will answer eventually. :) Just kidding! Tomorrow expect a new blog post on Item number 1 on my list.


P.S. I did manage to attack a good portion of those 3 foot weeds!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mud Woggers and Recipes oh My!!

My eight year old boy insist that mud daubers are mud woggers and that they will burrow holes straight through the wall into our house. The poor kid is frightened of any possible winged stinging run out in traffic to get away afraid (ask me how we know this...sigh). So on top of being really down, busy, and just downright not myself. I have been in the midst of re-arranging and cleaning my home to spark of some inspiration. I did however manage to bake and make the last two recipes from the cook-a-long. Which will now be posted when I make the item intended. Just too much with my schedule. The big boy is joining scouts so now we will be busy with that too. Is it November yet? I really need my hubby home, just a little I don't know breather, something. :) Here I have pictures from a couple of weeks ago, some thrift-ed finds and a pair of new shoes. Yep I splurged on myself and bought a pair of new shoes for a change. I also have photos of the Pumpkin loaves and The Carrot Pineapple Salad.
Finding notions and things is like winning the Jackpot around here the whole bunch is $5.00

These are lovely scarves for .59 a piece

Fun flats that allow me to say I wear pink. $2.99

My Splurge on Sale at Target and with an apology coupon $13.99

Cornell dishes to match parts of my set and a Pyrex baking dish $7.99

My boys playing and loving each other

Hi Handsome!

I don't know about that Mom!

Imp...he is really getting moving around down at 6 months

I will never understand why babies love to each wet wipes....

The Pumpkin Loaves turned out delish!

This was rather a unique combo on my palette and I ended up truly enjoying, my dad ate the rest lol.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A moment to remember...

     I take a moment to remember, I take a moment to re-read my journal, I take a moment to watch it every year, I never want to forget, To the lives that were taken 10 years ago, to the men and women who sacrificed fighting and searching, to those who went overseas and made it and came home, to those who are currently enlisted and actively serving, to my Husband and my best friend, thank you.

     I was laying on a therapy table, I had been attacked by an inmate who thought he could get the upper hand and he injured my shoulder while I took out his face. I worked at the hospital in the radiology department. I went to therapy as I was trying to get mobility in my shoulder. I was at the last 5 minutes of my heating rest. When I could not believe my ears, what I was listening to on the radio. I left walked home a mile to my parents, in a daze the world of thoughts humming around me. I arrived just in time to watch a second plane fly into the other tower. My mom was on the phone with a friend who was a few blocks up, the sounds from the phone the sheer terror of the attacks and I new that this was not just an accident. I remember holding my mom sitting on the couch in shock, dumbfounded, helpless. I knew people that would never be found, that were lost to the world forever, their candles burned out too quickly.

     I knew that there were problems, I had after all been there on the top of the second tower at 17 years old with my choir just two years prior. I have a picture that I took that still haunts me. A picture that in the shadows of the two towers across the city below. To have seen the infrastructure and to watch it crumble into rubble. However, a nation rose together that day, humbled, angry, and wanting vengeance. At times I watched a nation of people treat those who were just as persecuted as we, for their choice to be free. However, 10 years later, I watch a nation continue to struggle, the ideals, the hopes, the dreams of many falling and crumbling. The balance always hanging by a thread.

     I had the honor of taking a homeland security class near the end of my bachelors degree. It was based on Terrorism and understanding it, and how to counter-attack it on the home-front. To understand terrorism is to understand the plague, it is an idea that is created and forced on others by any means to cause fear. It is thought that by terrorizing the target is to control the target. We have come a long way in understanding where we failed and how to better our security. I get quite disgusted when someone complains about having to wait an extra 30-45 minutes to go through security measures that are set there to keep them alive. While I remember, and many remember, there are just as many that have forgotten what freedom is and the sacrifice to keep freedom.

     Being a military brat and wife, sacrifice has always been in my life, and it makes me greatful for all of the blessing large and small in my life. So...Take a moment to remember.....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 3 Great Grandma's Cookbook cook-a-long

Well, I am a little behind on my baking I will catch up last weeks Pumpkin loaves tomorrow when I visit my mom. I will have an extra hand with the baby who is by the way feeling much better from his shots, however, he is still aggressively teething. I also spent time creating the Mood Board Tutorial; as I wanted everyone to be able to create their inspirations for the Colette Fall sewing challenge. Now we are on week 3 of great Grandma's Cookbook Cook-a-long and that means a new recipe and another part of her story. Thanks for tuning in.

The next few weeks will be really simple recipes, after all I have a lot of sewing to do for my boys and myself. This week we have:

Carrot Pineapple Salad

1 pkg lemon jello
1 c. grated carrot
1 c. crushed pineapple
2 tbs. lemon juice
follow the direction to make the jello adding in the lemon juice when it is at the boiling point. Then combine in the other ingredients and chill.

Great Grandma's Story:

When I was five years old father sold the farm in Elwood and we moved to Roseworth, Idaho. We went by horse and wagon, and camped in Blue Creek while dad helped with the harvesting at the dry farm. We had a big teddy bear which we always fed, because he opened his mouth. This bear was left there because it started to stink, We stopped in Buhl, Idaho, at some park, overnight.

Have a great evening all!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mood Board Tutorial

I have the mood board tutorial for you. I have created a master pdf file for you here Mood Board Tutorial.
Here are the pages, just open them up in a new tab to view them larger. If you have any questions just email me; I will be glad to help.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ok...two shots...

So my Friday in which I had allotted time to create a tutorial was sent out of whack by an overly long day visit for my big boy, baby, and me to the doctor. In which, the baby received shots and is teething on top of it. So No time for tutorial work yesterday...sigh...with the greatest intentions of finsihing the tutorial today...sigh...Super mom to the rescue. I have spent the most of my day with a poor little baby boy who is miserable and has a low grade as moms know out there, when the kiddos get stops to give them the extra TLC they need. I am also hoping to get the pumpkin loaves up and running so you can see how they turned out. So for now I will give you a simple word rundown of what you will need for the tutorial.

photo editing program such as photoshop or pick up this free one at
The backside graphics from the envelopes of the patterns you want to use. We are looking for the black and white drawings of the pattern.
a 12X12 image such as digital scrapbook paper...visit my other blog BBDesigns and grab a free kit....there are plenty to choose from :)
Find fabrics that you are using to create your palette and take pictures if you would like.
Hang in there a I finish the tutorial.

:) Bran