Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Whew! First Batch done waiting for batch 2

Hey everyone! Thankfully the weather finally permitted use of my computer for more than 30 minutes. We have had such inspiring lightening storms as of late. I have batch 1 completed and listed in the shop and I am waiting for the arrival of batch 2 in the next 2 weeks. In the meantime take a peek in my shop here. I also have that coupon code I promised for my blog readers, so if you find something you like or want take 20% off of your order, if you need more of a listing just let me know and I will make a custom listing that includes a 10% discount. You can than use your 20% off coupon for a total of 30% of a multiple order of a single item. These buttons are fantastic and knowing that they are vintage and not filling up a landfill having their beauty wasted gives me peace of mind. By the way, I also have some patterns in my shop from 1991 to late 1979, there will be more to come. Everyone who knows me knows I am not particular of clothing from that specific time period, but I do appreciate a good pattern and hope someone will too. Here is your code: 20percentbransblog

Other blog news, I am currently working on the tutorial and that should be up on Thursday as the weather is not permitting now and I have errands tomorrow. Now that I have this big button project flowing smoothly, I can get back to you guys. Until later, have a great day!

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