Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Week Ran away!!!

The week ran away from me. The final get stuff done before the big boy returns to school Monday and his 8th Birthday party on Sunday! Whew...

Touching Stories: Take nothing for Granted...

Photograph by Sarah from M4H Photography
My friend Sarah at My four Hens Photography has shared a very touching photo session with a wonderful little girl who was diagnosed at 3 with Ewing's Sarcoma. In this session Sarah has captured the life and magic inside this little girl. They are stunning and so is the blog that her parents have for her. Read Sarah's post and view her stunning pictures here to read more about Jocelyn visit her blog here
I am rocked to my core with memories:
Those who know me know that my older brother passed away at the age of six with Leukemia, it will be 26 years in January. Two years my senior I was taught at the age of four how fragile life is. My mom always told me I was a breath of fresh air to her. She always feared that the time she spent by his side and away from me would affect how I would grow up. Of course as a small child I showed anger and than I gradually became free. I was like a bubbly butterfly flitting around spreading the joy my dear mother needed in her heart. Today almost 26 years later my big brother Bobby is still me hero. It was that near four year battle that he fought that taught me how to fight at 25 when I was diagnosed with cervical and uterine cancer. I was told I would never have anymore children...and I could not accept that and so I did not. I pray for this little girl and all who face the battle...

Sewing news:
I created my muslin for my Rooibos sew-a-long Tuesday and had to do a FBA. Today I am cutting my real fabric and should be starting to sew here shortly.
The walk-away dress is still postponed until I purchase my petticoat materials.

School news:
Surprise you get an extra 2 weeks Bran. My classes were changed and so now I have a different class to take first starting on the 30th.

Shop news: I will be putting a handmade thank you in the shop this weekend. More info to come.

Well, that is it for this moment, maybe I will get back on later with some pictures. Hmmm...

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