Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vintage Button Soup anyone?

Of all the fun loving things about buttons are combining them in a bowl or candy dish and making button soup. So many flavors and just striking to the eye. Coming soon to my shop will be 1oz bags of Vintage Button Soup Blend 1. Blend 1 offers 158 different types of buttons poured into a large bowl and stirred to perfection. Each 1 oz bag will be different in all things buttons such as: size, color, attachment, and quantity. I will have them priced at $8.00 a bag but if you go back a few posts, you will be pleased with the 20% coupon just for my readers! Yep that is right! So here is a peek at Blend 1. These should be in the shop by Friday!

Vintage Button Soup-Blend 1
Closer view

This is an idea I am toying with: Button Soup in a Jar 4oz offerings.

Try some today!
Hard to believe my little guy is getting so big! Here is my baby boy now 5 months old.

Getting big so fast!

Last Sunday I went out to our downtown park Lake Eola to visit the Farmers market and view the beautiful swans. Here are some lovelies for you to enjoy!

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