Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To all of my Readers up the North Eastern Coast

I hope yesterday treated you better than the news made it sound. My hubby is right up near where it occurred. I have baked my batch of cookies and will have pictures of those up tomorrow. In the mean time sew-a-long news I have constructed the majority of my Rooibos, I just have to put the top and bottom together. The FBA could have been maybe a slight hair less, but nursing right now makes it ok seeing as well I am fuller there. The poor little one is not sleeping well and is curious about everything and he is teething and due for shots next week. I just really wanted to stop in and let my north eastern family, friends, and hubby know that I am thinking of you and hoping for no more action. The weather here is miserable as we wait for Irene to pass us by. Hopefully it will stay off mainland for my northern and coastal friends. We might see heavy rain as we are more central. Hurricanes always make it so heavy and gloomy even on a sunny day. The air is thick, muggy, and hot. Until Tomorrow have a good night all!

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