Monday, August 15, 2011

Something New!

Interactive Project alert!
I am working on a special project in honor of my Great Grandma Clay. A woman who was fantastic in the kitchen and lends to much of that handmade memory of mine. She lived in Utah on acres of land that were the home to the best cherry trees in the world. I remember picking them and eating them fresh off the tree at a very small age. You always new your place with my great grandma who had a heart of gold and a world of creativity. I remember sitting in a room of women who were hand stitching quilts together. She taught me so many things that I wish I could remember. Her danish heritage was something amazing along with her style of knitting. After my older brother passed away we moved to Florida. We were pen pals and I just adored her. She was tall for a woman and for me even as a little girl seemed like a giantess. Even today not having peaked past 5 feet she is still a giantess in memory. The project is taking her wonderful cookbook she made so lovingly and revamping it so that it is not lost forever, so that she lives on forever. The recipes I will share with you every week along with a small part of her story in our family history book. These recipes will be for your own use, they can never be published, they are not mine to put a price on as they are hers and she was and is in living memory priceless. I do believe in sharing and I offer you to join me in this project. Not only will I post a recipe a week from her book and a piece of history, I will cook or bake it myself and post pictures, I would love for you to cook them as well and share your lovely pictures. My daddy loved her so much and he has hit some hard times and I figure just maybe some homemade memories might pick him up and put him right-side on his feet again.The First post will be Next Monday with a follow up picture during the week.
My Great Grandma Clay in 1974

Sew-a-long News:
I received my Rooibos pattern Saturday and have it cut and getting ready to create my muslin. My darling little one is cutting teeth and well, means a cranky little one who wants extra mommy lovin'.
I need to purchase some materials to make the petticoat for the other sew-a-long and that will be delayed until next Monday.

School News:
I start my first class towards my MBA tomorrow and the big boy returns to school Monday next week.

The Holidays:
The big boy will be with me this Thanksgiving and so I have purchased a pattern for him and the baby to make their outfits. If there is enough left mommy will match too. I wish hubby were here to match with us too! More to come on that in a couple weeks.

The Big Kid spotlight: Dex's corner will be arriving in a few weeks with sewing projects that he wants to share. Yep he will be 8 and he has some fun things he wants to make and share with other kiddos too.

Well, it is Monday and the week is already full and rearing to go. The big boy really turns 8 this Sunday, so he will have a slip and slide party with neighborhood kids Saturday and Family celebration Sunday.

Enjoy your Monday! See you tomorrow...

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