Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shop News, Cook-a-long news**Graphic Heavy**

I have been busy putting my list for the shop into action. I went out and purchased supplies today to help in the creation of handmade products for my shop and I have been trying my hand at cute fashion doll clothes too.
New in the Shop: "Sweet Elegance" A handmade card by me (Bran) It has vintage lace trim, different paper stocks, some zig-zag stitching, stamping and 6 hand-sewn vintage buttons for easy removal. Here is what she looks like, there are only 7 in total, they are about as identical as can be for handmade, there will be slight differences and she is only $3.50 USD plus a dollar shipping. I have many more styles on the way too.
The Front of "Sweet Elegance"

The Inside

the back is hand stamped, numbered and signed by me
Now Onto The Cook-A-Long!

I made my batch the other day and had my dad come down and try them out. It has been the first time in these past few weeks I have seen him truly smile. He said it was like re-living a childhood memory. With that said, between my parents, brother, the package I mailed to hubby, my son, and myself...ahem..there are not any left. (I did mention that I am addicted to peanut butter cookies right?!) Thank goodness I walk over 4 miles every morning during the week! So here is the picture breakdown of the process. ***Again Graphic Heavy***
Ingredients and Pre-heat oven 350 degrees F
Cream 1c. Shortening, 1c. Brown Sugar, and 1c. sugar
Well, this is about as creamy as this gets (hmm)
Beat in 2 Eggs
well that looks a lot creamier
Mix in 1c. Peanut Butter

Now that is creamy
Whisk in Separate bowl 2c. flour, 1/2tsp. salt, and 2tsp. baking soda
mix in flour mixture half at a time
Nice and stiff
Mix in 1c. of oats
Tip: Mix in oats by hand
Roll into 1 inch balls
Place on an un-greased oven
Use Tines of fork and make a criss-cross hatch on top
Like So
Bake in oven for 10-12 minutes (depending on altitude)
They were very good!
Well, that is it for tonight, I am getting ready to work on some other things around the house. You know domestic stuff.

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