Monday, August 8, 2011

OOPS!!! and A Love Story

Here is a funny little story...The Official Grand Opening sale it is suppose to go to Tuesday not tonight. It was supposed to end and will end tomorrow night. 08/09/11

Now all of you know that I am married to my army man and it has been a year of sheer struggle, not with us, but with our situation. Tomorrow is our one year Anniversary, tomorrow is one year celebrating my life with my best friend, the keeper of my dreams, nurturer of my heart. My love has been on mission since the 16th of August last year. We have seen many holidays go by and the birth of our little one. It has been a year of humble and stretching moments. If all goes well, I get to see him at the end of November this year. Our Anniversary is unique, unplanned, and a fun date to remember 08/09/10.

I met my hubby around 2008 when I started working at a local retail store. At the time we were both seeing someone, he was getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan, and I was trying to understand why I was so drawn to him. Every time I went to work, I looked forward to seeing his smiling face. After only a few months of being there, I left to find a sit down job, my Cancer reared its ugly face again and I had to find a way to pay bills and fight the cancer. My relationship was dissolving and became more like a room mate scenario. He was a great friend from high school who adored me, but could not build a relationship with my oldest son. That broke the foundation and crumbled the little tower of hope. I frequently shopped at the retail store I worked at and found that he had left and was overseas. Skipping forward through a lot of struggle and boring time. We reach January 2010, I did beat my bout with cancer the previous year. I was working back at that retail job and loving what I was doing. My co-worker and good friend told me that my army man friend at the time was coming home in February. heart skipped a beat and tried to hold a poker face, hoping that she didn't notice. I tried to convince myself that he was 8 years to young for me, that it was not rational to fall in love with someone you hardly knew, not to mention, my big boy.

Moving forward to the End of February. I am working on full filling job orders I am by myself and I have 5 people around my counter. I had been so busy that when I finally got down to just 2 people I noticed out of the corner of my eye a 3rd person come to the counter so I looked up to acknowledge the new customer and tell them that I would be with them in a few moments. *you know how you just stop looking for love and make that last prayer to God telling you to show you a sign when it comes around...yeah I have only ever asked God for two specific things...give me the strength to fight for my life and to send me a sign for the love of my life* When I looked up, there he was with the brightest smile that the world could ever see on a man, he was so bright that I really thought that God has cloaked him in the light and said "Here is your sign". Of course I was beaming and trying to concentrate on work I managed to help the last 2 customers and he was still standing there at the counter beaming.

He says "I heard you had come look beau....great!"
I say "I am so glad to see your smiling face and I am so happy for your safe return!"
He says "I came over as soon as they told me you were working has been a while"
I say "Too long, I am throwing a farewell party for a mutual friend you are welcome to come"
He says "great!"
More customers approach and we give our see ya's and I am exhilarated and spinning on top of the world.

A few days later our mutual friend comes over and asks if he can come along, it was his birthday his 21st birthday. I said sure bring him we will celebrate. He comes in and we all are laughing and having fun and he is very much a lightweight and I tell him to sleep on the couch and my friend to take my sons bed as he was at his father's that weekend. I told him before he went to sleep that we needed to talk, I had something to tell him, but only when he was over the party and well rested.

Proceeding to the day I tell him I like him and he says: " like pursuing like me?" I said yes. "Well that is just great! I like you too...a lot!" We went to Bok Tower Gardens for our first date we walked we talked I photographed and starting that day he would do everything to be apart of our world. It went so fast a whirlwind, but I knew him, knew him better than any man I had ever known, knew that he was going to be my husband, knew that he was going to be the father of our children, knew that I would grow old and hold hands walking through the park with him. "But big boy...if they don't mingle it will never work"

He meets my boy and my boy falls head over his own little heals for him..."Mom, you need to marry him...he will make a great step-daddy for me" Well! Than there was only one thing to do move forward and never look back. We decided lets make a baby, than we will get married, and he would work and I would be a homemaker and finish college. I did get pregnant just around 4th of July last year, however we had to rush down to the courthouse to get married when orders came in for him to go on mission. 1 week later he was off and I would see him a couple times through the rest of that year. We missed our first Thanksgiving and Christmas, but he made it just in time for the baby.

Communication is the vitality to any relationship, we are problem solvers and great communicators to each other. He is my best friend and I just wanted to share a little history of our start as Tomorrow even though he will be many miles away we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

Enjoy your day, love deeper, be thankful you are loved...

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  1. Awesome love story! As a military spouse, I can relate to missing so many firsts. My husband and I got married and he deployed for 13 months 5 weeks after we got married. On Friday, (Aug. 5) we celebrated 5 years and now we have finally been together for more anniversaries than we have been apart -3 of our 5 years! I hope your husband will be returning soon - I know how hard it is to be apart, especially while raising kids! Good luck and stay strong!


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