Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Joining in with the Fall Color Palette Challenge at Colette Patterns

I went shopping in my pattern bins and fabric stashes for my fall color palette and came up with this mood board to keep me focused. The color palette is Black, Red, White, Tan, and silver gray. After looking at my pattern choices I have a great deal of vintage 70's patterns that are included. All of my patterns happen to be by Simplicity or Colette, lol. I might include some more to my challenge or replace a few choices once my sewing book from Colette comes in. Check out about it at their site here

Lets take a tour of the Patterns and Fabric choices shall we?
First up is a Jacket from a 1973 vintage simplicity 5898. I feel that this will be a good choice for a new light weight jacket. Here in Florida we really don't get chilly until the end of December. So I figure this will be a great choice to throw on for those brisk mornings. Here is a view of the pattern and fabric:
Jacket View
I like the ease of the jacket, I love red jackets I have red shoes that I like to compliment my red choices. This fabric is a stretch polyester blend, I have tons of it and I am hoping to make some dainties with them. I have to purchase a 20 inch zipper for this one.

Next up is a pair of pants from a 1973 simplicity pattern 6191 any of the pant views they are the same, I have a couple pairs of shoes that will go so well with this style of pant and lets just face it, I do not own a nice pair of pants anymore so I need this in my wardrobe anyways. Here is the Pattern and fabric.
I love this color of gray and I love gray as a classy look, it speaks business but casual and fun with this design. The gray also allows me to pop other colors or pattern choices. I have the zipper for this one I believe it takes a 7" and seam bind or stretch lace, which I have as well.

For my top I might make two. I am very low on top options in my wardrobe right now and new to fill a few spaces with versatile pics. I like Colette's Violet top view 2 with the longer sleeves. Here is a view of the pattern and fabric choices.
Bottom view
Fabric Choice one is the one I will do I need it for my Thanksgiving outfit.
Optional 2nd shirt just a white one that would be great for my wardrobe.
I love the top fabric in fact I have it in black and white as well. When I made my fabric purchases this year, I shopped for versatility and functionality too. I have enough of that red to make a shirt for the big boy and baby boy for thanks giving too.

For Skirts I need to make quite a few I have one I love that is second hand boutique. I love a-line skirts and I love the ease of Colette's Ginger skirt pattern. I need to make 3 but I will work that in over time. For this palette challenge mine will be view B in a tan fabric. Here take a look.
Skirt B
The picture doesn't do it justice, this is the tan that matches my color palette but the skies are grey and my natural lighting just isn't par today
I think I have a zipper for this one too. Here is a peek at other fabric choices if I have time to fill the gaps in my wardrobe.
This is actually black but it will be another skirt for my versatile wardrobe
this will be view c for ginger it has a stripe look and will be fun it is blackish gray and a good add to my wardrobe
Like I said the last two will get done, but are not apart of this challenge.

The next pattern will be from 210 simplicity 2363. I have many plans for this pattern in whole but for my fall challenge I am taking view F and turning it into a lovely pajama dress/kaftan idea. I have a lovely leopard print in silky charmuse that I plan to wallow and ok you get the drift...this is a must and it just happens to be the inspiration for the whole color palette. Here is the pattern view and the fabric view.
bottom view and it is also view C
yummo, it has red, silver, black and white and it feels luxurious and I bought 12 yards on clearance for $8.00!
It calls for interfacing but we will see as this is for sleepwear. I have everything for this.

Using the same fabric as above I will also make another pajama outfit using Colette's free Sorbetto Pattern and a 2010 simplicity 2290 pattern. It will be a top and pants in this lovely material, hmmm I can't wait! Here are the views of the pattern and the fabric is above.
I am not going to have a pleat in mine.
The women's view this is simple and should prove smooth.
 The fabric is a tricky choice but I feel confident that it will come together well.

Next up is a Jumper dress with a criss cross back that I found to be fun and I will use a very funky fabric for it. It is a 1977 simplicity 8059 pattern. I have not decided on the length, but I do have enough fabric to make either. Here is a peek at both fabric and Pattern.
not sure on the length, my fabric is a little more clingy so it will hang more closely, I presume.
This is a stretch jersey blend I have quite a bit at $1.00 dollar a yard on clearance.

It looks like I have everything I need for this pattern. I am anxious to see how it will turn out.

Next up is a Tunic shirt that I think will be versatile with all of my fall choices and regular wardrobe. I plan on making two. One for the challenge and one for my wardrobe. I will be using a 1979 simplicity 7627 pattern. I will use view one. Here is the pattern and the fabric choices.
view 1
This one is for the challenge
this one is my additional for my wardrobe
I have everything to make these as well. I am sure my button self will add buttons to just about everyone of these creations somewhere. :) So while I am waiting for my sewing book to arrive, I have some fabric choices already waiting here is a peek of them.
A black Jersey knit hoping to become something sweet also the boys capes for halloween
a nice sateen hoping to be a dress
beautiful linen by Calvin Klein mmmm thinking cigarette pants...enough said!
Well, now that I have worn you out looking at my picks go check out Colette Patterns for their challenge, more info on her book, and find your fall wardrobe and join me in my many adventures.


  1. LOVE your palette and your plan-sketch! I've been waiting for this challenge since I saw the spring challenge (eight weeks into the challenge)!
    How did you make such a nice moodboard/plan? Getting all the outfits you plan on it, colours ect? Any tip/helpful website or are you just that incredible computer talented? :D

  2. Danemum, this is a great question, maybe I should do a tutorial on it with graphics. hmm. But to quickly answer your question. I try to find the pattern faces if they are modern from the pattern company, if they are vintage from the wiki pattern site, and the backs I scan. I use my photoshop program to then edit my images I want taking away all of the color and sizing them to my original 12X12 Board. I take pictures of my fabrics, which usually proves great but yesterday the weather was not. It takes a little computer know how, but I will try to help out in a tutorial. :) Bran

  3. Ooohh I'd LOVE a tutorial! Especially if it's kept simple and easy - not so much fancy pancy stuff (you could add that in the next tutorial?). Just to get me started because stuff like that scares the hell out of me!

  4. Do you have photoshop or any kind of editing program? Do you have Microsoft Publisher? Just getting a feel for your programs so I can help :)

  5. I have Gimp - I think using a free software would be great as so many tutorials already use paid photo-editing programmes and that is really one of the things that makes me not even bother reading the tute - if it uses a programme I'm not going to buy anyway.

  6. I haven't used gimp, but I used a free program from paint.net for years. My Photoshop was a gift as it is just way too much money. Great! Thanks! :)I'll try to keep it user friendly across the board. Thanks for your input. Bran

  7. Oh I'll look into that (free progamme from paint.net) - and then I'll wait with excitement for tutorial ;)


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