Sunday, August 21, 2011

Get em while you can!!

I happened to visit Joann's today with my mom and Simplicity patterns were on sale 5 for $5 )in stores only it seems when comparing prices online). Got to love it! I mean who doesn't love getting patterns for less right? Even more so when they are new. I think the sale ends tomorrow however so get em while you can! Here are my lovely picks and there was not a limit on quantity but New look, Sew easy, Burda, and Simplicity books were not included in this sale FYI. I saved a total of $262.15!
1. View C from the Original cover
2. View A reminds me of some of the aprons in our family
3. View B looks fun, I am on the fence with view C maybe not in black but a fun print
4. I love every view here and with winter coming I need some nice trousers 40's beauty here
5. I love every view here and this will be nice for winter as well
6. View A<B<D, this is just great and looks sweet, maybe make some pants to interchange for fall
7. I like view C for evening but not the color scheme I think it looks too washed out on top adore view A and the the Sleeves from view D
8. Love the look of view A and and B, I would make a top for View F and pair it with some pants
9. Adore view A and B just not the fabric color for view A
10. In love with view B I want to make this for an evening out with my hubby when he gets home Love the look of view C great for casual winter and A would be great in Spring or Summer
11.Love the look of view B and A I kind of like D but it might be too overwhelming on me but I could see it in a fun blue jersey knit.
12. Love Views A<B<C, ah my little boo boo bear put some grips on those soles and he will be ready for walking around for winter in the house on the wood floors, I have some great fabrics lined up for this cutie!
13. Love View B and D multi-seasonal
14. Love all of the looks do not love the overpowering sleeves on view B however, but a sweet simple top for all seasons
15. Family Pajama bottoms I have a great flannel monkey print for these for the whole family :) it makes my heart smile (Come home Hubby!)
16. Love the 60's flare this pattern offers I really like the polka dot look too.
Alright more Pictures of the fun Sunday my big boy will be 8 at 2:07am and I have been up mopping, baking, and prepping for his wonderful Birthday tomorrow. He starts school Monday and just maybe, just maybe I will get to work on some sewing for the Rooibos and The Walk-a-way dress...just maybe :)


  1. Wow! That is awesome!!! These look great! And happy birthday to your guy!!

  2. Awesome!! I have made up that apron before, view C if I recall correctly, and it's adorable!

    Can't wait to see all of those sewn up.


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