Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Wrap-up

On my anniversary my new stock of buttons came in and so did a special gift from my hubby! My hubby sent me beautiful roses for our anniversary, they are still gorgeous all open and smelling so sweet. Everytime I pass by them it is like he is here smiling and adoring me. Here take a peek:
 This is the first time I have ever had a flower delivery I was so ecstatic almost ran up and down the street!
 I adore this man!
Than I began the exciting process of unpacking a 65 lb box and a 7 lb box of Vintage buttons from the 60's and that feeling. The baby loves to help me too and was fascinated with how the wrapping crinkled with his hands and toes.
Checking out the crinkling sound.

Shop News:  
Vintage Button Soup is listed check it out at the shop.

The month for Sew-a-longs must be this month for me. I found two appealing dresses that I want to jump in and make.
The first is held at Colette Patterns: I have purchased my pattern and I am waiting for it in the mail.

I have all of the supplies I need to get going once it gets here.
I have chose a brown with white polka dot as my main and contrast fabric, my piping will be peach with an accent of course of buttons. My zipper is even peach :). I think I want to make a belt to go with it, I have a wonderful peach buckle that is screaming use me!
Here is a picture of the fabric and buttons. While I wait I will make my piping.

The Second is held at Edelweiss Patterns: I already have the pattern from my first attempt this year.
I have all of the supplies I need to make this dress. I just need to make the bias tape and modify the pattern to her specs. I am looking forward to a better fit this time around. I am using clearanced bed linens that are gorgeous and left over fabric for bias, the total cost to make this dress will be 5 bucks. Here is the picture of the fabrics for this sew-a-long.
That is it for sew-a-long news.

Exciting news! I love Colette Patterns and I love the fact that there will be a sewing book featuring 5 new patterns. I have pre-purchased mine from Amazon. Here is a look at the front:
for $19.95 you can't beat it!
I love how Sarai explains the why of sewing, why must A happen before B and so on. I look forward to this read as I rarely pick up modern sewing books. This one however, looks beautiful and looks like something I will enjoy.

Hmmm. That about sums up the week, I have lots of sorting and counting this weekend so, I just might not be back on until Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh, I'm so excited for you to have gotten flowers!! I hope you had a fabulous anniversary!! Oh, and just so you know, my camera is working again - yay!!! I can't imagine your excitement going through that huge box!!!

  2. It was so exciting! I am so glad to hear your camera is working...thank goodness for rice! Thanks!


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