Thursday, August 4, 2011

Envelope Pouch Tutorial

When I decided to go ahead and go forward with the button idea, I wanted a neat way to thank my customers for shopping in my store. I decided that I would create a special little envelope made from paper bags, thread, a button, fancy scissors, and my sewing machine. I have fallen in love with these little bags. I can make them as big as I want or as small as I want. I have provided a template down below for you to use.
You will need:
Regular scissors
fancy scissors
a paper bag or fabric
sewing thread
and crochet thread

Let's get started. Print and cut out your template and use it to cut out the envelope  from your paper bag or fabric.
The template offers information on how to fold, sew, etc.
Fold the paper as indicated by the lines. Bring the bottom of the paper up to match the edge just before it narrows. Than fold the top down and crease along the edge.

Now open up the folds, string crochet thread and knot it. Using the template as a guide of placement. On the bottom of what will be the front of the envelope insert needle through the back coming through the front.
Push needle back through at about 1/4 inch away.
Return through first hole and take thread around pointer finger to make a loop going back through the second hole.
Keeping finger in the loop return needle through first hole than the second hole 2 more times. (Only loop thread around finger once) Take the needle and push it under the threads on the backside and tie into a knot cutting away thread when finished.
Your loop should look like this
Re-knot the thread on the needle. On the top flap center closest to the edge sew a button on the outside. (the side that will be showing). It should look like this.

Refolding the envelope take the loop and bring it over the button to test the closure.
Now take the envelope and open the flap leaving the bottom folded. Line up the outer edge of the walking foot to the edge that is smaller.
Zig Zag stitch from top to bottom and repeat this for the other side.

Using fancy scissors cut the edge to make it pretty. 
Refold the flap over and and close the pouch and admire your handy work.
Paper envelope
fabric envelope
The results are adorable and quick. Great for small little gifts, wedding favors, etc.
Thank you for tuning in.

Tomorrow I debut my Sorbetto top. A pattern freebie from Colette Patterns. Stay tuned.

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