Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday 05.17.2011 Edition

It is Tuesday here at the fantastic world of Bran's house. The boys are asleep and I am taking a few minutes to put together today's tutorial. I know Teacher appreciation is over with for many schools. I however never seem to get the timing down and have just opted to give the teacher a gift the last week of school. My big boy is in 2nd grade this year and he is just starting to settle into things he likes to learn and things he would like to avoid all together. However, he thinks his teacher rocks and well, that is a great thing. and we are off!

Teacher Appreciation Magnets:

12 stickers like those ones right over there
12 water bottle caps (streamlined like the ones on Zepherhills water bottles)
12 circular magnets (JoAnns, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Office Depot) 
Tacky glue or a hot glue gun
Spray paint any colors and a glossy one
hmmm yep one child if you choose (not required)

*open image in another window and save. (PERSONAL USE ONLY)

Start by gluing the magnets into the base of the lid. The hole is perfect for most standard circular magnets.I chose to glue mine in the beginning as when I did the test between before and after spray painting, gluing the magnets in first was the better option.

you can use tacky glue or hot glue
*note* if using tacky glue set aside to dry first
see how the magnets fit inside those holes on the underside of the cap?
While the glue is drying if you used tacky glue or after you have finished hot gluing prepare the labels.
I print my labels on a full sheet of label paper available from Avery or 3M. I modge podged them with the matte kind.
modge podge 
cut them out you could use a 1 inch circle punch if you have one
I then cut out the labels I want, there are blank ones for the kiddos to color if you want. I did this while my big kid was at school. Than I took the project outside and placed my caps magnet side down on a recyclable drop cloth and spray painted them.
my spray paints

I decided to do three colors
Let the magnets dry completely and than peel off the labels and stick them to the top side of magnets. Then put magnets back on the drop cloth and spray paint with the glossy clear coat. Let dry and prepare them to gift however you choose. I choose to purchase a mini chalkboard and put the magnets on it for the teacher.
Teacher Appreciation Magnets
I hope you enjoyed this simple little tutorial. Have a great Tuesday See you on Thursday!

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  1. Those are really cool, Bran!! I love the colors you used!!


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