Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sewing Saturday 05.21.2011 Edition

Today the poor little boy and I are still trying to feel better, poor stomachs. We went on a visit to see my mother-in-law and the little boy was able to meet his daddy's Grammy today. The visit took a big chunk out of the day, but I did manage to prep and cut out a romper for the little boy and working on something for the big boy to coordinate. I have for you the pictures of me wearing the dress, in which I have definitely decided it needs straps....ones that have hidden buttons so that I can nurse without both sides plopping down. I am also saving up for a Tripod to help with the self picture taking.
Turned out cute and I was complimented on it a few times today.

wearing a bikini was a good thing today this really needs straps especially when a mom is nursing

Did I mention that I adore this trim....sigh
That is all tonight See you tomorrow!


  1. Cute. I just bought some trim exactly like that in the LA garment district today.


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