Saturday, May 14, 2011

Project # 2 Magnet Dress up dolls

Long story short. I started project # 2 with what I thought would be everything I needed: wrong! I highly recommend small scissors (your hands will love you for it). Trying to find my amazingly small pair of scissors was daunting and caused mass chaos in my house that turned out to be for my benefit. Organized and ready lol. I was inspired to do these from One Pearl Button her nice little tutorial began my hunger for these dolls. For that little girl inside of me that adored and still adores paper dolls. My favorite thing however were my moms plastic Scooby Doo dolls. I spent hours at the fridge playing with them, literally hours. The dolls here however are from Betsy McCall's Paper Doll Site. This features every year these paper dolls were made. For me I love the styles from 1952 to half way through 1955, then fashion changes and so did the dolls. They are still cute but I love the original dolls.
I edited the digital files to get the most out of a sheet of paper, using less ink and capturing the outfits I wanted. So far I have complete 1951-53.

I then printed them out on card-stock and purchased a large sheet of cutout magnet backing. These do not stick, so a little modge podge and bam a full sheet to cut out.

Then it was cutting time which led to a spring clean of sorts. I also happened upon a metal box, like a lunch box on clearance and decided I liked that better. I put my dolls in the box.

Than I decided hmmm too much silver and would it be fun to have a little background? Yes it would. Than I designed the first background for my dolls.

 Now I feel better...Don't you think having a place to play is great? Ok well, if I were a child I would have drawn a background like the ones I did for the fridge. Next, I wanted to design my Box labels. 

I really love the way this project turned out. I did decide why not offer something to get you going. I have a digital printable for your personal use only, you may re-size it to your liking. I have here the backgrounds for your magnet dolls, do enjoy!
This is just a preview there will be 2 images
click the link below to download
if you like them send your friends
I promise the adventure is only beginning


  1. OMG, Brandy!!! I love it!!! Thank you so much for showing this!!! I totally need to find the time to do this! Fun, fun, fun!!!

  2. What a great idea! Perfect gift idea. I will have to try this.


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