Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Project #1 DIY Polaroid Magnets

I am pleased to present my Polaroid magnets inspired by How About Orange and Ambrosia Girl. I think they are adorable and have decided to make more as gifts for friends and family. I used the free pdf file of the polaroid frame that Ambrosia Girl has on her blog. Both blogs offer great insight on how to do this great little DIY project.
I used card-stock for my images and the back board of an old sketchbook. This project is very easy and took me about three hours from start to finish. The images were where I spent some time, making sure they looked right for the feel I wanted. This is a great easy project to do.
 Tools and Materials:
Thick board, magnets, scissors, white paint, modge podge printed sheet of images
 I painted the back of my board white first
 I then cut out the images and used the modge podge to secure them and than painted over
the images to create the glossy look I was going for.
I cut them out and painted the edges white.
My final outcome...Awesome personal magnets
My oldest son adores them.
I am currently in the process of finishing project 2. I need to find small scissors that are lurking in my house somewhere. Than I can finish cutting my doll pieces out.
 I decided to go through and find my favorites from the Betsy McCall Paper Dolls selection
I then put them all on one page for ease of printing and less paper and ink waste
I printed these on a light weight card stock and then painted over them with modge podge.
I started cutting and my hands hated it so , I have to find my small scissors.
Project 3 is almost done. This dress is turning out adorable.All I have left hemming, creating bias tape, and than attaching bias tape.


  1. Hi there: Your new blog looks very fun and interesting. Good luck in your new endeavor!!!!!

  2. What a cute idea. I have stainless steel appliances and can't use magnets si I'm jealous:(


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