Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Colette Patterns

I purchased and received my Colette Patterns for Violet and Ginger. I had the greatest hopes of doing the Ginger Sew A long and I am in my own way in my own time. I have to purchase 1 more zipper, trace the pattern, make bust adjustments if need be, place on and cut fabric. All of the material from this current endeavor are from the thrift store and I found some wonderful buttons on etsy.


I want to use view A for this fabric
I want to use View B for this Fabric
I want to make one of each shirt cuff length with this if I can

Buttons for one shirt
I also have the lining from another sheet, the shirt fabric is a cream color and has a eyelet lace trim that I will salvage and use for another project.

My friend at House of Pinheiro had an interesting little blog about reading your lips, it is a cute interesting tidbit. so check it out.
here is my lip print
Enjoy your day!

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