Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musing's 05.16.2011

 In today's edition of Monday musing I will share my version Butterick pattern 4790. A simple dress, however not for the faint of heart, not for a first dress, stick with the A-line skirt and some tops than gradually incorporate bottoms with tops. Not saying it can't be done, it can.

So without further ado the pictures of this wonderful creation in the making.

The Butterick Pattern
My Fabric 1 yard of red broadcloth, 5 yards dark navy broadcloth, the designer cotton fabric 2 yards

The patterns on fabric and ready to cut
I chose the contrasting pattern this is the front
this is with the back it was heavy so lots of pins
I know these are supposedly quilters pins but I love them
with the bias tape
waiting to be hemmed and buttons sewn
lil' ol' me

my son took these last few with the dress on
Alright guys see you tomorrow, my little prince wants his bedtime feeding...

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  1. Wow, girl!!! I am TOTALLY impressed! I love it! Way to go!


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