Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabric Fridays 05.20.2011 Edition

Here we are at Friday and it has been a busy and productive week. However today both the baby and I are rather unwell so there have been many breaks for rest on my part. I have for this Friday a shirt dress that I made today. It was really pretty simple and took all day to do in between everything. Total time however was more like an hour and a half. I will feature this in a future Tuesday Tutorial as I also documented as I went along. Designing as I went. The Idea behind Fabric Fridays are to use a fabric from your stash and use it. I also like the added bonus of re-purposing something if I can. The challenge is to use only what is available. In this case I used two buttons, the pillowcase, and the fabric from the picture. I am still finishing up one other extra piece, but I have one made for you to see. My goal will be to post about it on Sunday, and give you a chance all week to create something, just a fun challenge, and post it on your blog and send me the link. Those who participate and let me know where to find a picture will have a spot in the Tutorial show offs.
Now that I have made you fall is what I made, tomorrow I will be wearing it and maybe my son can get a snap of me wearing it with all of the components on it.
I am still working on these they will be done in a few. I will link them to the DIY site that I made them from.

I shirred the top which is why it is wet and in the process of drying

I love the bottom of this now dress.
This dress required no pattern
The pillow case cost .99 cents
The buttons are maybe .01 cents combined
The fabric is a fat quarter that was $1.50
Total cost to make $2.50 in supplies 0.00 for imagination


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