Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Beginning of My Adventures

After the birth of my 2nd little boy this past March I was hungry for more. More of everything and anything that would keep me going in the down time of chasing my 7 year old around and adoring my now 7 week old. It all started with not liking any of the boy clothes in the store, than one thing led to another and another and after viewing a bazillion blogs I felt that not only were they inspiring but I could inspire too. I am after all a creative person and maybe someone out there is looking for a neat craft to keep them busy. So without further ado I am creating a blog that will encompass my freebie desires of all crafts. I will share with you my finds and links to them, I will also share with you what I created or made enhancements on. I will still create scrapbook kit freebies on my other blog as I love to get free stuff and maybe one day I will sell that stuff too. I would like to make money to support my crafty habits and this will be the opportunity to begin that adventure. As we all know, it takes a bit to get these things going and established. I look forward to sharing my Adventures with you.

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